Greenmount Primary School

Annual Governor Statement 2015/16

Governing Bodies play a vital role in ensuring that every child in school gets the best possible education. During this year we were assessed for a Governors Charter Mark. We had lots of positive feedback, especially on self-evaluation and commitment. We also acknowledged areas for development and the importance of us being clear about our impact on school life.

As an outcome of the assessment all governors agreed to review the structure and individual roles of governors. We are very pleased this year that five new governors have joined the governing body. These governors have brought a range of skills and experience to support the existing governing body. All governors are delighted at the opportunity to re-energise and continue to develop the good work of the governing body.

We recognise children need to be safe, happy and challenged in the school environment and governors at Greenmount work hand to hand to make this happen. All governors need to be robust in meeting the demands of 3 major duties:

Crucially, this means the governors need to use and understand objective data information and reports and ask the right incisive questions about:

The D.F.E (Dept for Education) Governance Handbook (Nov 2015) outlines other important roles:

Greenmount governors are also approachable, friendly people. Minutes of gov. body meetings, which capture the hard work of the gov. body, are displayed in the entrance hall. Governors are active in their role. They visit the school regularly, attend staff/information meetings, spend valuable time in classrooms observing the quality of teaching and learning. They attend regular training courses to further enhance their responsibilities and roles within the governing body, e.g. Granville and Claire attended the 'Induction Module One' course.

Greenmount Governing Body 2015/16



Term of Office


Jenny Wilde


September 1992

Meets with full body and sub-committees

Clark Kellow

Chair and Co-opt

October 2011


Philip Oddy


January 2013

Chair of Finance

Christine Thornton

LEA Representative

September 2013


Pupil Support

Iftikhar Hussain


February 2014

Teaching & Learning

Afia Khattun


July 2013

Teaching & Learning

Claire Grayson


January 2016

Teaching & Learning

Sam Pickering


September 2015

Teaching & Learning

Anne Phillips


January 2016

Pupil Support

Granville Clark


January 2016


Catherine Dyson


January 2016


Governing Body Meetings

The full governing body meets 4 times per year, the 3 sub-committees meet 6 times per year.

The Resource sub-committee focuses of finance, staffing, property management, health and safety, recruitment and performance management.

The Teaching and Learning sub-committee focuses on school improvement, the curriculum, standards, policies and continual professional development.

The Pupil Support Group focuses on SEND, safeguarding, attendance, extracurricular provision and emotional health provision.

2015/2016 Governor Activity


Teaching and Learning

In October 2015 the full governing body and the sub-committee discussed standards and progress of pupils. All governors are aware of the importance of monitoring attainment/progress and focusing on school action to close the gap.

EYFS achievement reflected that children make outstanding progress from entry of reception to the end of EYFS in all areas, even for the areas with our lowest scores. Our highest and lowest scoring areas reflect the national picture. Cohort progress over time shows pupils made outstanding progress between Entry to Nursery through to the end of KS1.

Overview of attainment of KS1 pupils showed the cohort performed well below national averages in all subjects. Despite this there were clear strengths in progress as this cohort only achieved 5% in GLD (Good Level of Development). Cohort features dominate results at KS1 but by the end of KS2 our school interventions and first wave teaching narrows the gap. Our pupils learning journeys ends with outstanding outcomes at the end of KS2 relative to pupil starting points and entry skills. Our attainment over time has risen at a faster rate than the national picture, in fact double the APS.

Data analysis from RaiseOnline Ofsted Inspection Dashboard, Perspective Lite and Arbor reveals many strengths and highlights areas to refine for KS2. The year 6 cohort had characteristics on entry that were particular challenging and unique. All prior attainment groups in Maths, Reading and Writing scored higher than similar national groups. Value added across all subjects is significantly above or in line with the national picture over the last 5 years. Writing and Spelling will be key issues for us to address.

The governors agreed that the School Improvement Plan reflects the key issues raised from the analysis of assessment data. The sub-committee will monitor progress throughout the year.

The change to assessment without levels was discussed and how the school had adapted to the change.


The resources committee met in October and reviewed income and expenditure. The budget was on target and the surplus in the budget was as predicted.

The Business Manager produced a benchmarking exercise for governors to show how our school's income and expenditure compares with other Leeds schools of a similar size. The report shows that we are in line with similar schools. Governors were pleased to see that our expenditure on well qualified, experienced support staff and educational visits is greater than other schools. This reflects governors determination to ensure pupils benefit from excellent teaching and experiences.

The NPS Group, through Leeds City Council, carried out an options appraisal. An inspection was undertaken to determine the condition of the roof and the report showed different options to improve the existing roof. Costings were supplied for each option. After discussion governors agreed to choose option 3 - a complete replace of the roof at a cost of £190,000. Governors chose to earmark £80,000 with the LEA contributing the remainder. Hopefully the work would take place over the summer holidays of 2016.


The 2015/2016 Child Protection Policy was circulated to governors prior to the sub-committee/full governing body meetings. These took place in October 2015. The Head advised it was the local authority policy and this was approved by the governors.

The school received policy documents from Leeds Safeguarding Children Board which were discussed by governors; “Right Conversations, Right People, Right Time” focuses on Early Help for children and families. “Hate Incident Reporting Guidance for Childrens Settings and Schools” focuses on the policy for reporting hate incidents.

Copies of the schools DBS Single Central Register were circulated at the full governing body meeting and the register would be updated in January 2016.

Governor attended Child Protection update training and agreed to attend Child Protection meetings with the social worker from the local office - Hunslet Moor.


Teaching and Learning

The subcommittee met in February 2016. Governors continued to monitor the priorities for improvement highlighted in the SIP. Governors were supported in this through a presentation by Andy Coy from Otrack who presented Greenmounts SATS data and year group progress levels.

There were opportunities at the meeting for governors to develop work scrutiny skills through viewing spelling jotters, reading, writing and maths pedagogs along with examples of children's extended writing work.

In order to develop their knowledge of the SFA scheme, two governors sat in on a model lessons for SFA - reading and spelling programme. This was reported back to the governing body meeting. Another governor attended a Year 1 curriculum event.

Two fact finding reports were presented to governors. Anne Phillips, an external consultant focused on two areas of school development. The review of oracy and classroom talk took place in the autumn term and included observations in nursery and all classrooms. Main findings were discussed.

For the second fact finding exercise the school decided to look closely at the role, deployment and development of its support staff. An overview was presented which reflected the key findings after analysis of questionnaires and feedback.

Governors discussed the level of pupil attendance for the previous term, which was 97.3%. This is a positive result as there has been a flu virus in the school.


Sub-committee met on the 30th March. There was a review of the income and expenditure for month 12. The year ended with a healthy surplus.

Schools Financial Values Standard was completed by 31st March and approved by the Chair.

The question of accessibility was raised. The Headteacher outlined that the main school is not as accessible as the annex. There are narrow corridors and she requested that the Chair support her in assessing the suitability of school. It was agreed that the Chair along with the Superintendent would conduct an accessibility audit. .

The Headteacher informed governors that the wireless system needs updating some quotes had been received. The Headteacher requested that these be discussed at the next sub-committee meeting.

Governors were updated on the staffing structure and performance management arrangements for all staff. Two governors met with the external appraiser to carry out the Headteachers appraisal.


The subcommittee met on the 29th February 2016. Key staff discussed specific children at risk and vulnerable families in the school. The social worker was also in attendance and was able to offer advice and support as required.

The Chair and Safeguarding governor checked the Single Central Register. All DBS certificates are being updated for all staff employed at the school for over 3 years. They will be signed up to a yearly update service, which will allow the school to look up any changes to an individuals DBS.

A new protocol has been issues for Domestic Violence and Abuse. The school has agreed to its implementation.


Teaching and Learning

Governors continued monitoring and evaluating school improvement plan priorities. This was discussed in detail at the Teaching and Learning subcommittee on 29th June. Specific areas focused on this term were;


Subcommittee met on 15th June.

School finance officer Khalid Khan attended the meeting and presented governors with a summary of the 2016/17 budget. Governors were very pleased to have the opportunity to discuss many aspects of the school budget. Also it was an ideal opportunity for governors to ask questions and further develop their knowledge of key financial issues.

The Headteacher confirmed that a health and safety checklist had been created and would be completed on a monthly basis by Tom Potts.

A further update was given regarding the roof. The work will take five weeks to complete and will be carried out over the summer holidays.

Governors discussed the premises development plan, which included updating the nursery, carpeting reception classrooms and new light diffusers in the main hall.

The chair of the governing body visited school to review the accessibility plan.

Granville Clark visited the school and carried out a health and safety audit with the superintendent, which identified a number of issues. It was suggested that an audit take place monthly. Many thanks to Granville for his support in this area.

The Headteacher gave governors an update on staffing. The school is going to introduce a new appraisal scheme 'Standards Tracker.' This will begin in the next school year. It will focus on teachers self-evaluation alongside school evaluation.


Subcommittee met on June 30th.

The social worker and governors looked at the framework for supervision using the 3P's; Performance management, Professional development and Personal Support.

Governors reviewed the agreed action points from the last meeting/matters arising. Wellbeing training, CAHMS and Mindmate referrals were highlighted.

There was a review of all open cases including summary of events in individual cases, actions taken, risk assessment and paperwork.

Monitoring system was reviewed.

Throughout the year it was noted that Christine, Granville and Anne completed Child Protection Training.

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